The cycle continues…

The world ended eighteen years ago, leaving the scattered survivors to pick up the pieces of their world–a world they found utterly changed from all they had ever known.  They survived–thrived–and carved lives for themselves in the wreckage of everything they had ever known.

Now, a new generation comes of age, rising to the challenges of the only kind of world they have ever known.  But are they ready to face the threats, new and old, coming for those who would dare stand against them?

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Thank you to all of my loyal readers over the years.  You are the reason.

Here’s to many more years of adventures.

Awakenings is a fiction serial set in a post-apocalyptic United States written by Erin M. Klitzke.  It is wholly original fiction and is copyright Erin M. Klitzke, 2008-2024.

Updates every other week.

The series is currently broken into two parts: The Founders Cycle (Books 1-7) and The Ambrose Cycle (currently posting).  The Founders Cycle began posting in April, 2011.

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