The end and the beginning await…

n the campus of a small Michigan university, a small knot of college students struggles to survive the end of the world.  When everything they have ever known is spiraling out of control, these few begin to awaken to supernatural gifts they were born with, gifts and sensitivities many of them were not aware of before the end of everything.  Now, their newfound senses may mean the difference between survival and death.

Awakenings is a fiction serial set in a post-apocalyptic United States written by Erin M. Klitzke.  It is wholly original fiction and is copyright Erin M. Klitzke, 2008-13.

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 Book One

The world ended on an August Sunday, in a rain of stones from the sky, like something out of Revelations.  Marin Astoris saw the end of the world well before it happened, and her visions of the future become a guiding force for a small knot of survivors at her midwestern university.

In the weeks after the end of the world, that knot of thirty students and one professor begin to awaken to supernatural gifts they didn’t expect.  These newfound talents may mean the difference between life and death–for them and the rest of humanity.

Thom Ambrose loves Marin with every fiber of his being, but he can’t accept the prophetic gift they share.  If he does, he’ll lose the only thing that’s important to him: her.  His ignorance comes at a price.

Is it a price he and his friends can afford to pay?

Now available as an ebook @ Smashwords, Amazon (US, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT), and Barnes and!  This is an upgraded version from the web-published version, including a revised prologue, a new chapter, FAQ, and additional added content.

 Books Two and Three

They’ve made it through the first month of life after the meteorfall, but that doesn’t mean that the fight is over.  Threats–human and supernatural–still loom over the survivors as they forge their community and a new life in the ruins of the world that’s died.

Before the first  year is out, they’ll find new allies and face new dangers in their struggle to survive.  But before they can declare any sort of victory, they have to survive the first winter and solve the mystery of who the camazotzi have turned to their cause before it means their doom.

Copyright 2008-2013 Erin M. Klitzke. Please do not reproduce without the permission of the author.

Contact the author @ doc (at) embklitzke (dot) com.

5 Responses to The end and the beginning await…

  1. Thank you to all the folks who commented on this before Book One was released. The first one is for you and all the quiet ones who were here, reading, testing the waters. Thanks to all of you, I kept writing on.

    …and on. And on.

    And on.

    Thank you.

  2. Juan H. says:

    I found this Serie by luck. I started reading it the monday at work :), and i find it amazing. First i thinked it was only an apocalypsis storie more,with people trying to rebuild society. But this storie has a nice twist to that other ones. Thanks for sharing this with us,i can wait for the next chapters to come.

  3. Matthew says:

    Hey miss Klitzke, i just found this story (well, actually last friday but you get the idea). Can’t quite remember just how, i’m thinking it had something to do with a science fiction forum but i’m not really sure at this junction. Anyways, I kinda swallowed the whole story as fast as I could and just wanted to say thanks for the great story and keep up the great work.

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