The Founders Cycle

Book One

The world ended on an August Sunday, in a rain of stones from the sky, like something out of Revelations.  Marin Astoris saw the end of the world well before it happened, and her visions of the future become a guiding force for a small knot of survivors at her midwestern university. In the weeks after the end of the world, that knot of thirty students and one professor begin to awaken to supernatural gifts they didn’t expect.  These newfound talents may mean the difference between life and death–for them and the rest of humanity. Thom Ambrose loves Marin with every fiber of his being, but he can’t accept the prophetic gift they share.  If he does, he’ll lose the only thing that’s important to him: her.  His ignorance comes at a price. Is it a price he and his friends can afford to pay?

Now available as an ebook @ Smashwords, Amazon (US, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT), and Barnes and!  This is an upgraded version from the web-published version, including a revised prologue, a new chapter, FAQ, and additional added content.

Book Two: War Drums

The world ended on an August Sunday, and they were what was left…but they’re not alone. Phelan Conrad came to the ruins of a Midwest university campus to help Seers Marin Astoris and Thom Ambrose survive in a wholly changed world.  But it seems that his presence may do more harm than good to the knot of Michigan survivors as they face escalating supernatural threats from all sides–including a goddess of Death. Gray Miller and his friends found Aoife O’Credne wandering the Pennsylvania woods and took her in.  They didn’t realize that by doing so, they’d be sucked into a supernatural war more than a hundred generations old. Neve Vaughan has carried a heavy burden–a magic sword as old as myth itself–since her return from beyond the pale.  When she finally finds the man destined to carry it, she believes that burden has been lifted–until she realizes that keeping the man she’s come to love alive is going to be a far more difficult task than she ever imagined. The forces of darkness gather–is there any hope for heroes in a shattered world?

War Drums is now available wherever ebooks are sold.  It is an enhanced, updated version from the online original including a brand new chapter and the previously unreleased short, “When Teague met Kira.”

Book Three: Omens and Echoes

When the world ended on an August Sunday, the past crashed into the present and lives were changed forever… Thom Ambrose and Marin Astoris already had their hands full trying to make sure they’ll survive a Michigan winter–and now word’s reached them that enemies they didn’t even realize they had are closing in on them, seeking to usurp their power for their own or wreak vengeance upon them.  Allies are few and far between–and bring their own problems to the survivors’ doorstep. Cameron MacKenzie was a pilot before an asteroid’s fragments spelled doom for the modern world he knew.  Chosen by King Arthur’s legendary sword and safeguarding the woman who once carried it, this reluctant hero makes his way steadily west toward a destination unknown and a future he can’t possibly fathom. The Taliesin has killed a goddess of death, his predecessor may not be as long lost as believed, dying doesn’t mean an end to grudges or desires, and it suddenly appears that absolutely nothing is as it seems. Myth collides with reality as the gifted survivors of the apocalypse begin to realize that everything they ever knew or believed may very well have been wrong.

Book Four: Taliesin

The world ended on an August Sunday and nothing will ever be the same.  As old enemies become allies and new problems rear their fair heads, winter settles over the survivor’s world.  Phelan O’Credne has faced thousands of challenges in his long life, but none has proven to be as hard to face as his current predicament: how to keep the people he’s come to love as his family safe.

Book Five

Their world ended on an August Sunday, but it only meant a new beginning.  After a long winter, spring is fighting to arrive, and with the thaw comes more danger for the survivors and their friends.  Aoife O’Credne and Gray Miller set out on a journey to lead them to Phelan and his friends, the Wild Hunt finds its new home not far from the Lake Michigan shore, and Matt Astoris carries a secret that could save or doom them all.

Book Six

Nearly a year after the world ended on an August Sunday, the stakes keep getting higher for the survivors near the shore of Lake Michigan.  New allies and enemies threaten, old enemies become allies, and the cost of losing a fight has never been more dear.  Leviathan wants the world–will the survivors stand and fight, or will they yield to his banner?

Book Seven: Beginning’s End

As the first year draws to a close, the Michigan survivors are faced with the consequences of actions taken by their allies long ago–and must make choices that will echo far into the future.