Thirty-six – 09

[This post is from Phelan’s point of view.]

Phelan exhaled through his teeth. That was incredibly helpful, thank you. He would have glared at the sky if he’d thought it would help. Instead, he stared at the fire, silent, jaw tightening briefly. “Don’t get like that, Marin,” he said, forcing his jaw to unclench.

Getting worked up won’t do anyone any good, now will it?

Another exhaled sigh.

Marin shook her head. “Don’t start, Phelan. Not today.”

She’s in some kind of foul mood, isn’t she? Phelan began to reconsider trying to get to the bottom of what was actually bothering her.

What good will it do right now, though?

Thunder growled again in the distance. Even at this distance, he could hear the wind start in the trees, rustling branches and leaves. The tent’s snapped in the wind once, then settled.

The world went dead silent for a few seconds.

He hadn’t thought his bad feeling could get worse.

Until it had.

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