Eleven – 07

[This post is from Seamus’s point of view.]


Her voice came like a beacon in the fog, but a distant one, muffled and echoing. He started to claw his way toward it but the moment her voice faded, he was lost again. Alone.

It was too warm and too cold at the same time and everything hurt. If he went deeper into the misty gray around him, he knew it would go away. But she wasn’t there. Going deeper meant being alone.

There was a vague sensation of shaking, centered on one shoulder, the one where an arrow had only grazed him, not lodged or worse. Seamus sucked in a breath, twitching slightly.

Leinth’s voice, again: “Seamus.” The urgency clawed at his heart. He swallowed hard, latching on to the sound and the sensation, dragging himself through the mist and fog until his eyes blinked open to the dim lamplight and the sight of her face. Her brow was creased, her jaw taut, eyes pleading, worried. Weakly, he reached one hand for her face.

“Enough,” he whispered. “Enough, I’m awake.”

“Not a moment too soon,” Leinth said, her hand capturing his to press and hold it against her cheek. Her fingers were warm and he exhaled a quiet breath, sagging slightly.

Everything hurt.

I’m getting too old for heroics.

“What’s the matter?” he asked as his senses started to slowly return. Even as the words faded, he started to feel it. He knew. “Oh.”

“Yeah,” Leinth said. “Oh.”

“But—” he stopped himself, swallowing hard. Thoughts tumbled over each other, a jumble that was hard to untangle enough to make sense of.

Slowly, he started to push himself upright. Muscles screamed and joints protested. His jaw set. Leinth’s arm slid behind his shoulders, steadying him.

“Careful,” she whispered, her breath warm against his cheek.

“That won’t help us now, will it?” he threw back the covers. “I need my clothes.”

“Okay.” Leinth kissed him gently and let go. He watched her as she crossed the floor to start digging something out of the drawers. He slowly swung his legs over the edge of the bed.

I’m getting too old for this, but there are some things that they shouldn’t have to face alone.

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