Fifteen – 02

[This post is from Hecate’s point of view.]

Taking a deep breath, Hecate drew her own magic around her, a thin veil of power that would hopefully protect her if something suddenly appeared. It was a weak ward, but with any luck it would give her time to react. She tried not to draw too deeply, had been trying not to draw too deeply, not since she’d figured out that she was pregnant.

There was not any universe, any reality, where she wanted to endanger their child.

Again, she glanced back over her shoulder, toward the far end of the bridge. She knew Matt had listened to her, had stayed. She didn’t know if the conversation by the fire would have turned to some kind of strategy session or something else, but in truth, she didn’t think it mattered.

Something in the dim recesses of her memory and the darkest shadows of her soul told her that much.

Orcus was different, for all of his hate—for all the hate they had faced so far, even at her own hands. He was different and somehow, she knew that.

Persephone. Her throat tightened and she stopped at the far end of the bridge, hugging herself as a sob threatened to tear free, eyes stinging as she squeezed them shut, half hunching in on herself. If Orcus had her friend, that raised the stakes considerably. Hecate knew she couldn’t risk hurting her. She didn’t think the others would, either.

That, more than anything would hurt their chances against their latest enemy.

What if—


She tried to stomp down on the thought, but it came anyway. She sucked in a rasping breath, opening her eyes, blinking back tears as she looked around. Nothing seemed different, despite the horrifying thought she’d tripped over.

What if Orcus joins Leviathan?

It was almost too terrible to contemplate.

And yet, there it was—a possibility that none of them had considered, perhaps because it was simply too terrible to think about.

Her lips thinned. She swallowed hard, straightened her spine, and started walking again.

It wouldn’t come to that. It couldn’t.

If it did, they might not survive the onslaught that was sure to come, and that was something that couldn’t be allowed to happen. No matter what the cost.

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