Twenty-two – 06

[This post is from Kira’s point of view.]

Teague’s lips thinned and he finally looked up to meet her eyes again. He cleared his throat quietly before words came again. “I saw things, started dreaming. It wasn’t—” his voice hitched and he started again. “I don’t think it was anything like what they see, but I don’t know. Maybe it was. I just—I saw things waking up. I saw things stirring that I thought were long gone, long dead. I thought they were fever-dreams.”

“I thought so, too,” Kira said in a whisper, her heart climbing into her throat and lodging there. “You would talk sometimes in your sleep but I didn’t think they were anything. I just didn’t. I should have.”

“No,” he murmured. “I can only imagine what I sounded like. Probably crazy.”

She choked on a laugh. “Maybe if I hadn’t known you, it would have sounded that way. But I did—I do. So it wasn’t that strange, all things considered. They just sounded like dreams—maybe even something you were remembering from a very long time ago. That’s all I thought.” She shook her head, glancing down at the laundry. “Well, that and worrying about whether or not I was going to lose you.”

“Never,” Teague said. “Never ever. Not again. I swear.”

“Good,” Kira said, meeting his gaze. “Because I don’t plan on it.”

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