Nineteen – 03

[This post is from Thomas Merlin Ambrose’s point of view.]

I closed my eyes for a second and sucked in a breath.  Somehow, I knew he wasn’t going to go that far—he was probably only a few feet away from my door and probably just standing out there, staring up at the sky.  That was Tory—that was the Tory I’d known my whole life.

How would what we were about to embark on change that?  Would it?

I paused in the middle of pulling on a clean shirt.  The fact that I didn’t know the answer made me momentarily sick to my stomach.

This was the kind of shit I think Uncle Phelan tried to warn me about.  Folks don’t like it when you invoke prophecy and stuff like that.

Then again, growing up where we had and the way we had, why should it have surprised any of us that something like this could—or would—ever happen?

But wasn’t fear of her reaction why I’d been trying not to say anything to Kailey?  Why I’d been so reticent to say anything?  It wasn’t my own fear of what was about to unfold—I knew that much.  While I was definitely nervous about what was coming, I wouldn’t say I was entirely scared.

But Phelan prepared you for something to maybe happen.  Your parents prepared you for something to maybe happen.  This was always something that was within the realm of possibility, at least for you.  The others?  Maybe not so much.

I exhaled a sigh, stepping into sandals and heading for my door, my pace slower than I’d have liked.

Everything really did hurt, and while the room wasn’t spinning, there was definitely some vertigo that I was dealing with.  Aunt Jac would probably kill me for being out of bed so soon after getting hit by the camazotzi—but I also didn’t think she’d be surprised by it, either.

I’d read enough of my parents’ journals to know that.

Head in the game, Lin.  You’ve got work to do, starting with making sure your best friend doesn’t go flying off into some kind of—something.

Gods and monsters, I hope he’s still right outside the door.

If he wasn’t, I didn’t know what I’d do.

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