Twenty – 02

[This post is from Bryant Tapping’s point of view.]

Two young men who couldn’t have been any older than his friends stopped dead in their tracks, only steps from the door.  Bryant choked on a laugh, barely preventing himself from shaking his head.

Of course he’d know.  If I’d waited any longer, they’d have been lifting a hand to knock and wouldn’t that have been creepy beyond all reason.

One of the men was familiar—Bryant thought his name was Lin—and had been one of the two to escort them to the cottage.  The other was someone he was sure he’d never seen before, but somehow felt familiar anyway.  That second man cleared his throat, glancing back at Lin before his gaze returned to Bryant.

“We’re not interrupting, are we?”

“No,” Bryant said, stepping clear of the doorway.  “Come in.  We—” he broke off with a quiet snort.  “I shouldn’t say we were all expecting you.”

“I was,” David said from the bed.  This time, Bryant did shake his head, holding the door as their guests came inside.

“That doesn’t surprise me,” Lin murmured, collapsing into a chair and scrubbing a hand over his eyes.  His companion cut a look in his direction, then took a deep breath.

“So which one of you is my cousin?”

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