Thirty – 08

[This post is from Matt’s point of view.]

Hecate took a deep breath and exhaled it slowly before she straightened in Matt’s embrace, glancing back toward J.T. “I was thinking so. I needed you to have a look at my side. It’s—it’s not healed like I want it to be.”

The fact that she’d managed to say it so matter-of-factly with Leinth standing there as well left Matt a little shocked. He didn’t want to think that his presence had something to do with it, but allowed that maybe it had. The words rocked J.T. back against his heels, presumably for the same reason.

At least, that was what Matt assumed until J.T. cleared his throat quietly. There was something odd and distracted in his voice as he answered. “Oh. Yeah, yeah, I can do that. Been meaning to, anyway.”

Hecate gave a slight nod and leaned against Matt again, though didn’t curl back up. He looped an arm around her shoulders, exhaling.

“That wasn’t actually what we needed to talk about,” J.T. said, moving to sit on the path with his back to the ravine. Leinth chewed the inside of her lower lip, watching him and watching them.

Matt suppressed a frown. What’s got her nervous?

                Whatever it is, I’m not sure I want to know.

Hecate frowned. “I don’t like that tone. Or the look on your face. Something’s wrong.”

A weak but raw laugh tore from J.T.’s throat and he shook his head slightly, brow furrowing. “Wrong might not be the best word for it, but it’s certainly not right.” He took a slow breath. “What do you know about Persephone?”

“I—she died,” Hecate said softly. “She died a long time ago. She stopped playing his games and he—he ended it.” She pressed a little harder against Matt’s chest, for warmth or for comfort, he couldn’t be entirely certain, but he could feel the chill that had suddenly washed over her.

“She didn’t,” J.T. whispered. “That’s what I needed to talk to you about. She’s not dead, but unless we—I—can find a way to help her, she might end up that way and I’m not sure what to do.

“I’m really, really not sure what to do.”

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