Fourteen – 07

[This post is from Hecate’s point of view.]

It was a moment before Thom’s laughter faded, before a pall settled over them again. His gaze drifted toward Seamus, who sat picking at his meal. “What can you tell us about him? About what we’re going to end up facing?”

Seamus paused, staring at the ground for a few seconds, beyond the edge of his plate. His lips pursed for a moment, his brow furrowing, then he exhaled a sigh. “He bears heavy grudges.”

It wasn’t much of an answer, but it was an answer. Hecate choked on a laugh and earned a sharp look from Leinth. Seamus glanced up and smiled weakly at her, shaking his head.

“I’m glad someone laughed.” He grimaced, stirring his food on his plate without really focusing on it or anything else beyond his own thoughts. “He’s larger than many of the people we’ve faced, physically. His magic isn’t as powerful, though, which I suppose bodes well for us. We’ll have that advantage.”

“Not if it’s really the dirae he’s gathered,” Phelan murmured.

“I can call them,” Hecate reminded him. “If it comes to that, then I will. It would be worth it.”

Matt’s arms tightened and his words echoed in her head.

It isn’t worth the risk. Nothing is worth that risk, not after what happened the last time you counter-called. None of it is worth the risk.

But some things were, whether he believed it or not, whether he agreed or not.

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