Seventeen – 07

[This post is from Hecate’s point of view.]

                Marin watched her for a few seconds before she nodded slowly.  “None of us would want you to go anyway, no matter what was offered.  What’re you thinking, plan-wise?  Sounded like you had the beginnings of an idea.”

                “I do,” Hecate said, waving for her to sit back down.  She found a spot to sit near the fire, drawing one knee to her chest as she gathered her thoughts and studied the faces of her friends.  Matt didn’t sit, he just paced, and for a few seconds she watched him before her gaze returned to Marin and Thom.  “I think we need to launch a preemptive strike.  Hit him before he comes after us.  We know what his timeline is and we have an idea of where he is.  If the Wild Hunt will help us, I think we can do it.  I think we can neutralize his army before it strikes us or anyone else.”

                “Do you think we’d be a target if he didn’t want you?” Thom asked quietly, his gaze steady.  There was no malice or suspicion in his voice or his eyes, but Matt still gave him a sharp look.

                Hecate shook her head.  “He’d come no matter what.  The fact that I’m here and he wants me buys us time.  If he doesn’t already know Leinth and Seamus are here, he’ll figure it out soon enough, and then there’s the matter of Cameron—he’s descended of their blood.”

                “Like a lot of us are from the princes of the Áes Dana or other lines,” Marin murmured.  She leaned back, laying a hand on Thom’s thigh as she stared at nothing for a few seconds, lost in thought.  “We’ll have to talk to Seamus to see if he can get the Hunt to help us.”

                “Seamus might not need to talk to them,” Matt said, looking his sister in the eye.  “I can talk to them.”

                Hecate looked at him, her brow furrowing slightly.  “Do you think they’ll listen?”

                “I know they will,” Matt said, then wet his lips.  “I’m just not sure they’ll like what I have to say.”

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