Nineteen – 04

[This post is from Seamus’s point of view.]

               Leinth pressed a kiss to his temple this time, gently starting to disengage from their mutual embrace.  Seamus groaned quietly as he clawed his way back toward wakefulness, simply holding on tighter to his lover.

               “Stay,” he murmured.  “If we don’t answer, maybe they’ll leave us alone.”

               “Do you really think so?” she murmured, then kissed his ear.  “I know I don’t.”

               “I can hope.”

               She chuckled softly, kissing his ear again before he finally let her tug free.  He sagged quietly, sighing and drawing their blankets closer around him.  He knew it was too warm to want them as badly as he did, but that didn’t matter—at least not right now.  Having them was a comfort, and it was one he was willing to indulge in his current state.

               The door creaked softly as Leinth opened it.  Seamus kept his eyes closed, face half buried in his pillow, intending to at least try to go back to sleep.

               That was not to be.

               “Leinth,” Hecate said softly.  “I’m sorry that we’re disturbing you guys, but is he awake?  I—I think the four of us need to talk.”

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