Nineteen – 05

[This post is from Seamus’s point of view.]

                He wasn’t quite certain what it was that made him sigh and start to sit up, slowly, painfully.  Perhaps it was the thread of worry in her voice, or the genuine contrition.  Perhaps it was curiosity about who Hecate had brought with her, what they needed to talk about—what might have changed in the past hours since he and Leinth had left them by the fire.  He struggled upright in time to see both Marin and Hecate at the door, before Leinth could answer.

                “What’s wrong?” he asked in a quiet, rasping voice.  Leinth glanced back over her shoulder and gave an exasperated sigh.

                “Damn you,” she said.  “Lie down.”

                “I’m fine,” he said, trying to find a comfortable position that wasn’t prone.  It was far harder than it should have been—or so he thought—and left him mildly frustrated on top of exhaustion and concern.  It was not a pleasant state of affairs to say the least.

                “You’re not,” she said, moving back to the bed and starting to pile some extra pillows behind him.  She gave him a look that clearly said that whether he liked it or not, he’d be staying in bed that much longer after this.  She was worried—he could see it in her eyes.

                “Fine,” Seamus said.  “I’m not but it doesn’t matter.  Come in and sit, you two.  What’s going on now?”

                Marin and Hecate exchanged a look as they both slipped inside.  Marin pulled the door closed behind them as Hecate slowly approached the foot of the bed.  “Well,” she said quietly, “we’ve confirmed what you suspected.”

                Seamus’s stomach began to sink.  “Then it’s him?”

                Hecate nodded.  “But we’re not here for the reason that you think we are.  Matt said he has a plan to deal with him and I—we—we trust him.  If he says he has a plan, he does.”  She sat down on the corner of the bed, chewing her lower lip.  “What I’m worried about is why he came offering Persephone in exchange for me.”

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