Nineteen – 06

[This post is from Seamus’s point of view.]

                Seamus’s breath hitched for a second, a stab of pain that went beyond the physical lancing through him.  Hecate was looking him right in the eye, but he didn’t see any fear in her gaze—only determination and maybe a little worry, but not fear.  He wasn’t sure if she’d somehow buried it or if there really wasn’t any.

                He also wasn’t sure which would be worse.

                “You mean beyond the obvious?” Seamus asked, his voice oddly hoarse, as if something unseen was strangling him.  For all he knew, maybe something was.

                Marin smiled crookedly.  “We already considered the obvious.  Both of our guts told us that it wasn’t enough to justify what he’s doing.  Persephone is a valuable asset to him.  Why would he be willing to trade her for Hecate?”

                “The power differential is balanced out by the fact that there are a lot of people out there that wouldn’t touch him for fear of her safety—never mind the power she can wield on her own if she’s allowed to do it.”  Hecate chewed her lower lip.  “If it’s sheer destructive force that’s in question, she can mete out at least as much as I can.  I don’t think he’s using her as a weapon, though, even though he absolutely could.  Instead he came here and offered her in exchange for me.  I just don’t understand why.”

                Seamus’s thoughts reeled.  He sank back against the pillows, tilting his head back to stare at the ceiling, trying to process—trying to think.  There had to be a reason—but was he the one that would know the reason?

                If not me, then who?

                He didn’t have an answer for that.

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