Twenty-five – 07

[This post is from Thom’s point of view.]

Marin glanced between the three men, frowning slightly. Thom tried not to squirm, instead fighting to keep his movements a little easier, less uncomfortable—this despite the fact that he still ached from head to toe and he knew that the fever that had come and gone for weeks was trying to come back again. He was fully aware that Marin knew that piece, too, but she tried to ignore it.

He suspected that there was a lot going on that she was trying to put out of her mind these days. He felt the same way himself—there was just too much going on, too many visions trying to make themselves known, too many futures to consider.

It was unsettling on a lot of levels that he didn’t care to think too much about.

“You think he’s gone off to do something idiotic,” Marin said suddenly, staring at Thom.

He winced. “You know your brother.”

“You’re right,” she said. “I do. I just hope that he’s exercising his better judgement.”

Thom nodded. He hoped the same thing—and hoped that Matt’s better judgement didn’t lead him to what he suspected that it could, even if it shouldn’t.

He hoped that Matt hadn’t decided to ride off alone.

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