Two – 02

[This post is from Phelan’s point of view.]

He managed to go a dozen yards from Lin’s door before Finn Astoris appeared at his side, his face soot-stained and his hair tousled by the wind. His expression was as serious as a fourteen year old’s could ever be as he peered up at Phelan.

“Dad wants to see you,” he said.

Phelan smothered a wince. Either he’s figured out something’s going on, he heard something, or something else has happened that I don’t know about yet. He wasn’t sure which option was the most attractive and instead just nodded slightly.

“Do me a favor and go get your Aunt Jac’s kit and bring it to her, okay?” he said to Finn. “Then tell Aunt Carolyn that Jac might need her help.”

“You going to go up to Dad, then?”

Phelan nodded. “Yeah, I’m going to go see your dad.”

“Cool. Is Aunt Jac with Lin?”

Phelan nodded, starting to walk toward the forge, a path his feet had carried him along more times than he could count over the last eighteen years.

“Did something happen?”

“Yes,” Phelan said, knowing that denying it would only prolong the interrogation. “Now go get the supplies for your aunt and then get Carolyn.”


Phelan looked at him sidelong. “Finnegan Aleksander Asteris, I do not have time to explain everything to you right this second. Please go do what I’ve asked you to do so I can go talk to your father about whatever the hell he needs to talk to me about.”

Finn winced. “Okay, Uncle Phelan.”

“Thank you,” Phelan said, trying to hide his relief. Finn peeled away, jogging back toward the cottages, leaving Phelan to continue the trip up the hill alone.

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