Four – 07

[This post is from Matt’s point of view.]

“Are we interrupting some kind of moment?” J.T. asked as he limped up the hill. “Because if we are, we can give you a few more minutes.”

Hecate choked on a laugh as she stepped back, glancing toward the healer. “Always, Jameson, always. Is it bothering you more than usual?” She gestured toward his leg.

He made a sort-of gesture with one hand, joining the pair where they stood in the shadow of some of the old trees. “Rain’s coming, I think.”

“It never ceases to amaze me how good of a barometer every single one of you is,” Matt said, crossing his arms. “Not disappointed at all, either, just amazed. Now if only your old breaks could tell us how bad it’s going to be, that would be ideal.”

“Only Thordin can do that, I think,” J.T. said.

Astrid should be able to sort that out with a little more training from her father, I think. Matt shook his head slightly. “Are the others still coming?”

“Yeah. Caro was finishing up something before she headed up and I think Tala was almost at a stopping point with the bread. She might be an extra few minutes. Not sure about Thordin and Sif.”

“She might be out by the north pastures,” Hecate said, glancing at Matt. “She said something about that at breakfast.”

“Mm.” Matt frowned. “We’ll have to talk without her, I guess.” She’ll be mildly upset, but we can catch her up later if she misses this.

“What’s this about, anyway?” J.T. asked. “Heard one of the Huntsmen cane back earlier than expected.”

Matt nodded. “Gilead. I’ll fill you all in at once, if that’s all right.”

J.T. shrugged. “Does Phelan know?”

“Yeah. He’s also the one that told me about the other thing.”

“What other thing?”

Matt glanced at Hecate, then at J.T. “Can you wait?”

“I guess,” J.T. said, frowning and glancing down the hill. “If I have to.”

“Easier all at once,” Matt said.

“Right,” J.T. murmured, then shrugged. “All right.”

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