Twenty-four – 08

[This post is from Matt Astoris’s point of view.]

The first drops of rain spattered against the stones of the path and Matt winced, knowing he’d waited too long—or maybe Hecate had waited too long to come and fetch him.  One glance toward the sky told him exactly how much water was there, waiting to fall.

Wish Thordin had warned me this morning.

Of course, his friend might not have known, or might not have thought about it.  There was just so much going on—perhaps it hadn’t seemed important.

After all, it was just a normal summer storm.

I assume it’s a normal summer storm, anyway.  Just probably a nasty one—maybe worse than what we’ve had in a while.

He finished closing up, banked the forge, then gathered a few odds and ends on his way to the door.  The rain was falling in fat drops, though it wasn’t heavy—at least not yet.  Perhaps he’d make it down to the lodge before the worst of the rain started falling.  A cup of something bracing and a snack before dinner sounded good, though he’d need to wash up before partaking in either.

For a few seconds, he squinted at the rain, then the clouds.  If I’m not quick enough or this is moving in faster than I think it is, that’s going to be a moot point.

Taking a deep breath and giving the heavy clouds one more look, Matt ducked his head and started down the hill toward the village proper, hoping against hope that he wouldn’t end up soaked to the bone as he went.

Something tugged at his gut, felt wrong, but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

Perhaps one of the others could.

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