Eleven – 04

[This post is from Matt’s point of view.]

“It’s settled, then,” Hecate said, looking between Matt and Phelan. “The three of us will go see what’s going on with the Hunt while Tala and Marin stay put with the children.” Her gaze drifted toward Marin. “I’m sure Thom’s about to arrive soon enough, isn’t he?”

Marin nodded, lips thinning. “Probably very soon. You’d better hurry.”

A shiver crept down Matt’s spine. He knew there were several reasons why she was urging them to hurry, and at least two of them had to do with her husband. If they lingered, they’d have to explain, delaying them, and on top of that, there were strong odds that he’d want to come with them.

That was something Matt wasn’t exactly keen to deal with.

His hand found Hecate’s and squeezed. He wasn’t entirely happy with the idea of her coming, either, especially not knowing what the Hunt had spotted, but that was a battle he knew for certain he’d lost before it even began.

“Let’s get going, then,” Matt said quietly, tugging at Hecate’s hand. His sister’s voice followed them.

“Be careful.”

He glanced back, nodding, then kept moving, pace picking up the further they got from the cookfire. He didn’t want to betray the level of nerves he was feeling, but he knew the quickening of his steps told that tale all too readily.

At least he could still hear them whistling back and forth to each other, even if he couldn’t quite make out what it meant.

That’s something. I just wish I knew what they were seeing. Damn.

It wasn’t as if he expected the codes—the language—to never change. It wasn’t that at all. It was that he couldn’t remember what the code was and deep down, he felt like he should have been able to.

But he couldn’t, and that was the most frustrating thing of all.

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