Eleven – 05

[This post is from Matt’s point of view.]

They were nearly to the edge of the Hunt’s encampment when Matt spotted Gideon leaving it, heading toward the gate at a clip much too fast to give him any sort of comfort. His hand spasmed around Hecate’s before he let go, calling out, “Gideon!”

Gideon spun, blinking for a second before he started for the trio. “Have you seen Seamus?”

“He’s still in bed, recovering,” Matt answered, moving to meet him, leaving Hecate and Phelan a few steps behind him. “What’s going on?”

“You can’t–?”

He shook his head quickly. “No. There are things I don’t remember.” He glanced over his shoulder toward Phelan and Hecate, then back to Gideon again. “And there are some things he forced himself to forget.”

Gideon nodded, silent for a moment, then said, “I understand. Some of the outriders are returning.”

“And?” Phelan peered past Matt’s shoulder to Gideon, his voice as concerned as the expression on his face had been a moment before when Matt had looked back at him.

Gideon swallowed. “And they’ve spotted something dangerous heading our way. It doesn’t seem they were spotted, but is there ever really a guarantee of that?”

“No,” Hecate said softly, reclaiming Matt’s hand, leaning her shoulder into his. Matt leaned against her in return, pressing a kiss to her ear before his attention returned fully to Gideon. “No, there never is. Where were they riding?”

“North of here and west, toward the lakeshore,” Gideon said. “Two riders with an army massing at their backs. They’re not on the march yet, but they will be soon.”

“Who?” Matt asked, feeling his throat tighten again, stomach churning. “Who is it, Gideon?”

“We’re not sure,” he said, then swallowed. “I need to get to the gate, Matt. I have to let the outriders in.”

“We’ll come with you,” Matt said, mouth dry. “Let’s go.”

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